Free Shipping for President's Day! - The Weekly Grind 2018

Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Weekly Grind! Don't forget our wine sale is still happening! It's 15% off all wine, all month long! Also, big things are in store for our retail space, and we're excited to show off all the changes (HELLO awesome new floor) once the whole thing comes together! Keep an eye on our Instagram story to see the progress!

President's Day Free Shipping GOING ON NOW!

That's right, starting TODAY and ending February 20th, we're offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $45 or more when you use the discount code LINCOLN at checkout (one use per customer, UPS ground shipping only)! This offer is valid anytime before 11:59PM EST on Tuesday—make sure you don't miss it!

Not sure what to try? Check out our Cup of the Month for February or our Staff Picks* for recommendations!

This Week’s Toasty Tidbit: What's an Espresso Bean?

With products like chocolate covered espresso beans being so popular, there's a common misconception about what an 'espresso bean' actually is. Essentially, there's no such thing. 'Espresso' refers to a brewing method, not a bean. When looking at different types of coffee beans, the distinction is between arabica (which are the only kind of beans we offer) and robusta.

So 'espresso beans' are just regular coffee beans that have likely been roasted to a darker roast level.

There is, however, a significant difference between an espresso grind and your typical paper drip or french press. You want your beans to be done to a fine grind when brewing espresso, whereas a paper drip will be more of a medium grind, and french press would be highly coarse.

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*For my (Jacquie's) staff pick, since we don't have the Organic Nicaragua anymore, our Nicaragua Selva Negra Estate or the El Salvador Finca Piemonte Millenium are both good substitutes that I love.


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