Source is important to us. Our coffees come to us from all over the world with exciting, varying flavor profiles. We buy coffee from around the world and from growers whom we’ve been doing business with for over two decades. We only buy mid-crop, 100 percent Arabica beans because of the tremendous flavor.
Other coffee providers, especially the big chains, will blend Arabica with highly-caffeinated and flavor-deficient Robusta beans. Their method lowers cost as well as quality. Mid-crop coffee is picked in the middle of the growing season, ensuring the beans are not over or under-ripe.
We’re extremely proud of all of our coffees and happy to offer many varieties of fair-trade coffees. We designate our Fair Trade Certified coffees with an FT following their name. Fair Trade Certified means the coffee is purchased at a fair and decent wage from local farmers.
For more information on Fair Trade, please visit the Fair Trade Certification site.
Proud members of our Community. The Armeno Coffee Roasters building is located in a historic mill on Smith Pond in Northborough, MA. We live and work in a small New England town, but we work to extend our reach worldwide. It’s critical to us to be active members of the local and global community. Armeno donates more than a thousand pounds of coffee each year to Central Massachusetts food banks. We have also offered fresh-brewed coffee at charity fundraisers across New England, including Cooking for a Cause in Worcester and the annual East End House fundraiser.


Armeno Fair Trade Certified Coffees
Our Fair Trade Certified Coffees include gourmet selections from Ethiopia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Sumatra. Fair Trade certification means that the coffee you are purchasing has met rigorous standards for:
  • Fair price
  • Fair labor conditions
  • Direct trade
  • Democratic and transparent organizations
  • Community development



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