Armeno Coffee Roasters is an independently owned coffee company located in the heart of Central Massachusetts since 1994. We roast only mid-crop, 100% Arabica beans from around the world. We specialize in providing only the finest, freshest coffees available. By roasting daily, we’re able to fill-to-order to ensure freshness and taste.

Owner John Parks is our head roaster here at Armeno. John's responsible for sourcing the best coffee he can find and roasting it to perfection. He’s also responsible for our wine selection in our wine cellar. Owner Chuck Coffman is in charge of putting together the mail orders and helping our customers at our retail location. Don't be afraid to say hi. We're friendly (when we've had our coffee).

Our Story

Since 1727, a working mill has sat alongside Smith Pond in Northborough, Massachusetts. The mill began as saw and grist mill, but in 1908, the Armeno Cereal Company moved in and produced wheat for bulgur, tabouli, and couscous for most of the century. The mill passed through three generations of the Kalenian family until 1994 when owner Paul Kalenian started Armeno Coffee Roasters, a nod to his family’s history as millers. Six years later, Kalenian sold the company to trusted employees Chuck Coffman and John Parks.
The original sign for Armeno Cereal Company hangs inside the mill. The storage bins once used for wheat now hold green coffee beans. A Carter Disk Separator, that once sorted chafe from the wheat, still occupies space in the mill, along with other turn-of-the-century equipment from the cereal company. The golden hue of the old southern pine beams reflects in the glistening stainless steel and brass of the modern Diedrich Drum Roasters. The aroma of fresh-roasted coffee fills the air. Visitors are welcome.



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