Armeno Staff Picks!

Hello everyone! Looking for a coffee recommendation? Wonder what we personally love to drink from our coffee selection? Here's a list of the Armeno Team's favorite brews!

John: Maui Mokka, Papua New Guinea, Double Bourbon Barrel Blend

The Maui Mokka appeals to me because it’s actually quite similar to the first coffee discovered in Ethiopia. Its fruit notes up front and smooth, milk chocolate finish make for a wonderful everyday cup. I also enjoy the Papua New Guinea, a medium bodied Indonesian with a vanilla finish, both for the taste as well as the country’s interesting culture. The Double Bourbon Barrel Blend is a great new brew as well that I’ve wanted to try for quite a while. I use Four Roses bourbon barrels to infuse sumatra beans with smooth, oaky, vanilla notes. Its strong bourbon nose and sweetness makes for a perfect weekend cup or fantastic cold brew.

Chuck: Cowboy, Black and Tan

I’m all about our dark roasted coffee. The flavors tend to satisfyingly linger. The Cowboy blend in particular is a brew that I like for its complex texture, best described as thick and chewy. It’s a mix of our two highest roast levels, French and Italian. For those that like a more medium roast though, I very much enjoy the Black and Tan. As a fan of the beer cocktail by the same name, our Black and Tan blend is reminiscent of that same classic mixture of dark and light, leveling it out to a medium roast with a richness up front and a deliciously sweet finish.

Cathy: Sumatra Mandheling French Roast

I’m completely addicted to this brew! It’s full bodied and rich, and the low acidity makes for a lovely, smooth cup that really wakes me up in the morning. As someone who can't stand a wimpy tasting coffee, but finds the Italian roast too strong, this roast level hits the perfect spot for me.


Emily: Wachusett Blend

I love this blend! It’s a complex, well-balanced combination of three different viennese roasts, and it really retains the flavor of the beans. It’s perfect for a smooth cup of coffee in the morning or a lovely espresso.

Carey: Tanzania Peaberry

This brew is amazing and dynamic with a unique flavor profile. Its acidity and complexity contributes to a sweetness that’s nicely complimented by its blackberry hints, and it’s a perfect, light cup to wake you up in the morning. I like that I can enjoy it black just as much as I do with milk and sugar.


Jacquie: Organic Nicaragua

This is a newer addition to our shelves, and I’ve really been enjoying it! It’s a bit more medium bodied than many of our other brews from the Americas, and has delicious notes of warm spice and cocoa.


Abby: Dark Roast Blend

I'm a big fan of our cold brew, which is always made with our Dark Roast blend! The blend is a mix of two of my other favorites, Sumatra Mandheling French and Tanzania Peaberry (also roasted to a french roast level), as well as the Costa Rica Tres Rios French. I love that it's both dark and refreshing!


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