Save the date! - The Weekly Grind 2017

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Weekly Grind! Hope everyone had a good last hurrah for the summer during the long weekend, if you had the day off.

This Week at Armeno…

The mill may be closed on Sundays, but this weekend on September 10th you can find John and Chuck offering Armeno coffee in a couple of special places!

For those near Canton, MA, visit Zayde's Market between 7-11AM to join Chuck for an Armeno coffee tasting! This kosher grocery store is one of the newer additions to the list of retailers offering our coffee, since, as you may remember, all our coffee has recently become kosher certified!

Or, do you love animals? Just interested in some fun festivities to occupy your Sunday afternoon? Then stop by the Pet Rock Festival 2017 at Wyman Gordon in North Grafton, MA, where John will be selling cold drinks, including our delicious Armeno cold brew, from 12-5PM! This is a ticketed event, and all proceeds go to a variety of veritable animal charities.

Did Someone Say Wine Tasting?

That’s right everybody, it’s nearly time for us to start up wine tastings again! Our first one for the fall will be on Saturday September 30th from 1-4PM.

Details about wines offered for the tasting will be announced soon, and all info will be sent out to those on our general email subscription list, which you can sign up for hereNot only is this a free event, but we’ll be offering discounted wine prices: 10% off all wine, 15% off 6+ bottles, and 20% off 12 or more!

This Week’s Toasty Tidbit: Acidity vs Bitterness

When talking about coffee it's easy to confuse these two terms, which are not actually interchangeable. Though all coffee has some natural bitterness, tasting too much of that bitter flavor in a brew is undesirable to many people, and is often the result of low quality or over-roasted, burnt tasting beans. It also could be an issue on the brewing end, if you use an incorrect grind. Acidity, however, is considered a good thing! Coffee beans often contain many natural acids that contribute to a bean's characteristic flavors, and coffee with a higher level of acidity will simply have a brighter taste on your tongue (and perhaps a more notable wine-like finish).

Everyone's coffee taste is different, so you still may prefer the smooth taste of an Indonesian bean with low acidity than a complex African bean with high acidity, but for those looking to avoid that burnt, bitter taste, never fear! Acidity is an entirely different quality than bitterness, so don't be shy about giving an acidic coffee a try!

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