Save On Wine All Month Long! - The Weekly Grind 2018

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Party in the wine room!

If you've never checked out our temperature controlled wine room, where we have a selection of wines from small vineyards from around the world, now is the time! For the full month of February, we're offering a 15% discount on all wines in the store. Check out our selections from previous wine tastings, pick up something special for your Valentine, or treat yourself! Again, this offer is valid February 1st - 28th!

This Week’s Toasty Tidbit:

Americans drink a lot of coffee, but did you know that the US isn't even in the top 10 for the biggest coffee consuming nations in the world? We may be #1 for buying the most coffee, according to this 2013 statistic, but in terms of consumption, world atlas has the US ranked 25, with Finland sipping pretty in the number one spot.

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