Arabica vs. Robusta - The Weekly Grind 2018

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Arabica Vs. Robusta - What's the story?

You've likely seen us advertise that we only use 100% Arabica coffee here at Armeno, but what does that mean and why does it matter?

Essentially, even though there are many of species of coffee out there, the two most popular ones grown around the world are Coffea Arabica and Coffea Canephora (a.k.a. Robusta). Though there are a variety of differences between the two species, the main claim to fame for Arabica beans is that they are considered to have a significantly better taste than their Robusta counterparts. This is in part because Robusta beans have a far higher caffeine content than Arabica, giving it a more bitter flavor profile. It also helps that Arabica beans have twice the amount of natural sugar than Robusta. Higher grade Robusta beans do exist, but they're not easily available and still typically considered less desirable than all but the lowest grade Arabica beans.

So why bother with Robusta beans if their taste isn't usually up to snuff? Their lower price is certainly appealing. Arabica beans are often twice the cost of Robusta beans, and have a lower yield than a crop of Robusta. Not to mention that the plant itself is much hardier. The high caffeine content in Robusta beans serves as a natural insect and harmful bacteria repellant, so the crop is less likely to be ruined by pests or disease. The quality of Arabica beans often suffers at lower elevations as well, whereas Robusta can grow on flat areas that are simpler to harvest.

With consumer interest in higher quality and boutiquey coffee on the up and up, it's no surprise that most of the market is dominated by the Arabica strain. However, Robusta is still used as a price effective filler for some when creating blends, and can be found in many common supermarket coffees.

As for us, we're proud to specialize in mid-crop 100% Arabica beans from all over the world to ensure you're getting excellent quality with every cup!

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