Labor Day Weekend & New Armeno Additions! - The Weekly Grind 2018

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Weekly Grind!

Labor Day Weekend Hours

This Friday and Saturday of Labor Day weekend, come enjoy a refreshing cold brew with us and soak up those last bits of summer before the school year and fall schedules truly kick back in! We'll be open our usual 9-5 hours all this week, but closed Monday Sept 3rd for Labor Day itself. Enjoy the long weekend!

Armeno Additions: Myanmar Shan State Ywangan & Los Papillos Costa Rica White Honey

We have some new beans to introduce you to!

First, say hello to our Myanmar Shan State Ywangan coffee. Fans of our Indonesian coffees will love this full city roasted and full bodied cup. It's deliciously syrupy with a chocolatey finish. Swing by to see if we have it brewed for the day to sample, or order it here!

Think something with a lighter body and a touch of sweetness is more up your alley? Try our Los Papillos Costa Rica White Honey! Those who enjoyed our previous Costa Rican Honey process will love this brew. It is similarly fruity and done to a full city roast. You can find it here!

This Week's Toasty Tidbit: What is a 'Honey Process?'

Speaking of our Los Papillos, what does it actually mean for a coffee to be 'honey processed?' No, there isn't bee honey in there.

Essentially, coffee can be processed in a number of different ways, ranging from 'drier' methods that leave the coffee cherry intact and use little to no water, and 'wetter' methods that do involve removing the coffee seeds from the cherry and use quite a bit of water. The honey process refers to a method in the middle of the spectrum that gets rid of the pulp of the coffee cherry but leaves the sticky, sugary mucilage layer underneath (a.k.a. the 'honey') intact. The color referred to with regards to the honey process (black, red, yellow, white, etc) tells you how much of the 'honey' is left around the beans during the drying process, with 'white honey' falling on the minimal honey side. Processing the coffee this way adds a little bit of sweetness and light acidity, giving you a crisp, fruity cup.

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  • Jacquie - Armeno Staff

    Hi Nancy. Unfortunately we’re out of Mocha Java decaf at the moment, but we’ll have it back in October! As soon as it is readily available again, you will be able to see it under our decaf menu.

  • Nancy Woods

    Can I still get 5 lb bags of Decafe Mocha Java ?

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