New Armeno Addition & Coffee Cherry Tea - The Weekly Grind 2018

Happy Monday & welcome back to The Weekly Grind! The mill is closed today for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but will be open our usual retail hours (9AM-5PM) for the rest of the week!

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...the middle of January, already? Yikes! Yes, friends, the holidays are behind us, and that means time is running out to get your hands on this year's iteration of Holiday Cheer! This rich, cozy, chocolatey blend will only be on our shelves until the end of this month, so bring some home to enjoy before it's gone!

New Armeno Addition: Guatemala Huehuetenango!

There's a new Guatemalan coffee hitting the shelves! Lighter in body and fruitier than our Guatemala Antingua, Huehuetenango offers a notably bright, clean finish. Come give it a try!

This Week’s Toasty Tidbit: Coffee Cherry Tea?

Did you know that coffee cherries can be delicious in their own right? Many people are not aware that coffee "beans" are actually not beans at all, but seeds that grow inside a vibrant red fruit called a coffee cherry. Sweet, and with a scent reminiscent of hibiscus, these cherries are typically discarded to be used as compost by coffee farmers. However, in some countries, like Bolivia, Ethiopia, and Yemen, it's not uncommon to use the leftover dried cherries in hot water to create drinks that, to us, look and smell similar to an herbal tea. In fact, it's more common in Yemen to drink qishr--a hot beverage made from spiced coffee cherry husks, ginger and sometimes cinnamon--than to drink "normal" coffee.

According to NPR, one El Salvadorian iteration of this light, fruity, caffeinated drink, called cascara (Spanish for "husk," "skin," or "peel" of a fruit) has become quite popular in recent years, and has even gained a niche following in the U.S., popping up cities like Boston, New York, Houston and Seattle, among others. Some drink it hot, others iced, and some even infuse it in vodka! Though it doesn't provide as much of a caffeine boost as standard coffee, it will be interesting to see how the drink continues to gain traction with consumers as more cafes and roasters add it to their menus. Let us know if you'd be interested in us offering bags of it for you to purchase here at the mill!

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