Happy Thanksgiving! - The Weekly Grind 2017

Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone, and welcome back to the Weekly Grind! We'll be open Mon-Wednesday this week, as well as Saturday. Hope you all enjoy the holiday!

Give thanks to your Thanksgiving Host/Hostess!

Today (Nov 20th) is your last chance to put in an order for a Thanksgiving gift basket! If you call us and place an order, we can put together something special for you to pick up. Typically, our gift baskets include two bags of coffee, a diner mug, and some chocolate covered coffee beans, but we can do it to order for you if you have specific products in mind (keep in mind we can't ship wine, but if you're picking the basket up in-store we'd likely be able to accommodate you)! Call us at (508) 393-2821 for details and pricing (typical range is $50-75)!

Shop Small with us November 25th!

We appreciate every one of you that chooses to support Armeno and all the other special local businesses in your life! Have a 10% discount on your coffee purchase this Saturday when you mention to us at checkout that you saw any of our "shop small" posts here or on Facebook or Instagram!

This Week’s Toasty Tidbit: History of Coffee in the US

As many of you know, Armeno Coffee Roasters has been providing you with quality coffee for 23 years here at our historic mill in Northborough (you can read up about our personal history here on our website). But what's the history of coffee in general in the US? It is, after all, one of America's hottest commodities, and we drink it in enormous quantities every single day.

Well, ironically, it started with a tea party. When Bostonians made history dumping tea into the harbor in 1773, "making the switch from tea to coffee," as PBS's Tori Avey puts it, "became something of a patriotic duty." After that, coffee began gaining popularity throughout the 1800s, particularly with soldiers in the Civil War who wanted it for the extra energy boost. It was also in the late 1800s where brands like Folgers, Maxwell House, and Hills Brothers coffee first emerged, selling quite successfully to the cowboys and gold miners of the west. Instant coffee remained popular with consumers throughout the 1900s, and then of course, in the early '70s, Starbucks was first founded, putting specialty coffee solidly on the map. Ever since then, specialty coffee has boomed and become ever more fine-tuned as an artistic pursuit, given as much care and craft as beer and wine!

Have questions for us?

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