Coffee Made in the USA! - The Weekly Grind 2017

Happy Independence Day, USA! If you need some coffee to go along with those sparklers and BBQ, we’re open today and Saturday from 9-5 as usual, but closed on Monday July 3rd and Tuesday July 4th for the holiday!

Interested in "local" coffee beans?

Speaking of Independence Day, a couple of people have asked recently if we have any coffee made here in the US, and the answer is yes! Though we don't have any Puerto Rican Coffee currently in stock, our 100% Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy is directly from, you guessed it, the Hawaiian Islands.

Why the long name? Well, chances are you’ve heard of Kona Coffee before. It’s been an internationally famous regional brand name for over a century, produced on approximately 800 small family farms across the Kona region of the Big Island of Hawaii. Within this Kona brand, however, are six different classifications that beans can fall under, including the “Extra Fancy” classification that we carry. According to Kona Mountain Farms, these large beans only account for about 20% of a given crop, and their full flavor and few defects make them highly desirable to coffee connoisseurs across the globe.

Now, why the “100%” on the label? Long story short, it’s actually quite rare to find bags of only Kona coffee beans here on the mainland. A large percentage of Kona is sold on the islands themselves to the thriving tourist market, or to coffee blenders that sell Kona blends (10% Kona beans, 90% foreign beans). Because of the high costs involved in the production of Kona Coffee (especially labor--it’s often too hilly for mechanical harvesting), it would actually be impossible to support the number of farms and farmers producing the crop if it weren’t for the blend market!

But, is Kona worth the fame-induced hype? We think so. Creamy and mild with a floral aroma and chocolatey aftertaste, our 100% Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy is very much a “treat yourself” kind of brew, loved by you guys for its silkiness and delicious quality. Keep in mind it is one of our pricier bags in-store ($40 per lb), but so worth a try at least once!

Want a different Hawaiian coffee that won’t break the bank? No worries, we’ve got that too! Maui Mokka & Maui Yellow are also great choices produced in Hawaii. Both, like many island coffees, have a smoothness to them that many find appealing. However, where the Mokka is light and fruity up front with a milk chocolate finish, the Yellow has a full bodied depth nearly on par with an Indonesian, and notes of comforting spices, like cinnamon and cardamon.

This Week’s Toasty Tidbit:

Did you know that elevation plays a huge part in the flavor profiles of all coffee? Most coffee trees grow at an elevation of 3,000 to 6,000 feet, with world-renowned Kona Coffee being the big exception. Unlike Ethiopia, Sumatra, or other famous coffee producers, Hawaii is so far north of the equator that coffee trees cannot grow above 2,000 feet or else it becomes too frigid.

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