Beans Galore! - The Weekly Grind 2017

Welcome back to the Weekly Grind! We've been roasting up the wazoo this week, and had TWO bean shipments come in instead of one!

This Week at Armeno…

Normally, we get ten bags of beans (about 1,500 lbs) every week. This week, however, John and Chuck unloaded twenty-seven bags, or about 4,160 lbs! That’s a lot of coffee!

These green, unroasted beans come from all over the world, but they all arrive in large burlap sacks like the ones you've likely seen hanging up around the mill. Unloading them is always interesting, considering they weigh about 154 lbs a piece when full.

Once opened, John takes the string that keeps the inner lining of the bag closed and adds it to our massive ball of string, which we’ve had going for about 4 years. Then, once they’re empty, the burlap gets added to a stack of bags that some of you occasionally ask to use or bring home.

This Week’s Toasty Tidbit:

Did you know that we typically roast around 600-1000 lbs of coffee a day this time of year (and even more come fall & winter)? That’s over half a million beans per day! Feel free to come and see--John roasts Monday through Thursday every week!

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