Holiday Wine Tasting & Top 5 Best Selling Coffees! - The Weekly Grind 2017

Welcome back to the Weekly Grind and Happy almost Hanukkah to those who celebrate!

Holiday Wine Tasting!

Two tasting weekends in a row? You bet! The holidays are almost upon us, so we're celebrating with another fantastic selection of seasonal wine and Anna Banana's  handcrafted chocolate this Saturday, December 16th, from 1-4PM! No tickets or sign up needed since the event, as always, is free (you can see a sneak peak of what's to come by checking out the tasting notes on our wine page later this week). We hope to see you there!

This Week’s Toasty Tidbit: Top 5 Best Selling Coffees

We're often asked what our most popular coffees are, and now that we're nearly at the end of the year, we have a pretty definitive answer for you! Though this only applies to our online sales, here's a picture of what you all loved the most from us in 2017:

5. Sumatra Mandheling French Roast - Gotta love that dark roast! Sumatra French beans have Indonesia's signature combo of a full body & low acidity, giving you a wonderfully smooth cup with subtle chocolate notes that are deepened to rich, syrupy perfection by the french roast level. No surprise here that this choice brew made the list; it flies off the shelf in-store as well!

4. Kenya AA - A perfect example of what makes African beans special. Kenyan beans are a true medium body with pronounced acidity that gives you a snappy, fruit finish that's reminiscent of wine in its aftertaste. The AA rating means you're getting the largest and highest quality beans possible.

3. Black & Tan - One of Owner Chuck Coffman's favorites! This masterful blend is a play on the beer cocktail, combining a dark and light roast together. The Indonesian components make for a robust, full bodied cup that perfectly balances the kick provided by the french roast level and the natural sweetness of the full city roast.

2. Espresso Blend - Though you certainly don't need an espresso machine to enjoy this blend of french roasted beans from across our coffee regions, it was created with espresso drinkers in mind! Perfect for those that love creating a perfect latte or cappuccino from the comfort of their own home.

1. Sumatra Mandheling - A classic. Sumatran beans are prized the world over, so it's no surprise that Armeno Coffee drinkers love this brew the most! The full city roast best showcases the natural taste of the bean, resulting in a mellow, chocolatey cup with the same full body and low acid present in the french roasted version.

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