Sweet Gifts for Valentines Day! - The Weekly Grind 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

Still need to pick up something sweet for your Valentine? Look no further! These beans are perfect for those who love a coffee on the sweeter side:

Mocha Java Blend: Although there's no chocolate flavoring in this blend, it does have a chocolatey finish thanks to the Java and Harrar within it, which are both sweet on their own! It's full bodied, light roasted, and complex.
Retro Sumatra Mandheling: This full bodied, light roasted Sumatran bean is like a richer version of our standard Sumatra, giving it a more obvious chocolatey finish.
Tanzania Peaberry:
A favorite among many of the Armeno staff! This medium bodied, light roasted African bean with notes of blackberry is a peaberry bean, a.k.a. an infertile, smaller, rounded bean that occurs due to a mutation in the coffee cherry. Peaberry beans often have a bit more body strength and sweetness than their flat bean counterparts.
Ethiopian Harrar:
This light roasted, medium bodied African bean does have some acidity, but rather than having citrus notes like our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, the Harrar has something closer to a chocolatey finish.
Yemen Mocha Mattari:
This middle-eastern bean has a bit of a higher price point than some of our other coffees ($21 per lb) but it's well worth it for the quality! Light roasted and fairly full bodied, this bean is acidic without being too sharp, and has notes of chocolate and cinnamon.
Brazil Legender Especial Peaberry:
My personal favorite! Once again, the peaberry bean provides a sweet finish to this smooth, light roasted and medium bodied coffee. Expect notes of chocolate, cherry, and whipped peanut butter (don't worry though, there are no actual peanuts involved in any way)!
Dominican Republic Barahona Honey Process:
Our standard Dominican Barahona bean already has notes of caramel and sugarcane. The honey processing done to these beans increases this natural sweetness, but is still balanced by a pleasant acidity. It is both light roasted and mild bodied.
100% Hawaiian Kona:
If you really want to treat your sweetheart right, consider splurging on some Hawaiian Kona. It's one of our most expensive coffees ($40 per lb) but its quality is unreal. Light roasted and mild bodied, the Kona has a floral aroma and creamy texture that perfectly compliments its chocolate finish. Delicious!

(As always, all coffees subject to availability and go on a first come first serve basis unless you call ahead!)

Valentine's Candy From Anna Banana!

We've got a bunch of delicious, Valentine's Day inspired creations from Anna Banana's Homemade Goodness! Swing by this week to check out her milk, dark, and white chocolate bars, mixed bags, wine hangers, and more!

Don't Forget The Wine Room!

If you need some wine for your Valentine's Day dinner, (or to accompany all the chocolate you bought them) we have a wide selection of choices for you! I highly recommend the Le Perussier Domaine Philippe Plantevin if you're looking for a rosé. The Yellow Muscat is also a nice choice that is surprisingly sweet for a dry white, and the Vinum Cellars White Elephant is a great "California white table wine." Or, consider the Moulin-À-Vent Domain Pral for a smooth, oaky, red with nice berry notes, or the always fun Lolea red sangria!


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