Recent Armeno Additions! - The Weekly Grind 2019

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the Weekly Grind. We have a few new coffees that have been added to our shelves in the past month or so. Have you had a chance to try them out yet?

Recent Additions to Armeno's Coffee Roster!

Finca La Pastora Costa Rica Black Honey: The black honey process gives this brew a heavier body than our other Costa coffees, and a pleasant sweetness in the finish. Expect notes of black cherry, raspberry, and chocolate.

Sumatra Mutu Batak: Fans of our Bali Rainforest Blue Moon coffee will love this new Sumatra! Though full bodied and light roasted like our other Sumatras, this bean has a surprisingly fresh acidity for a Sumatra, giving it a slightly fruity finish. Expect notes of chocolate, cedar, and grapefruit.

India Mysore Nugget Extra Bold: Many coffees sourced from India are monsoon-processed, including our India Monsoon Malabar. This bean, however, is processed with via the washed method instead. This brew is less earthy than our Monsoon Malabar, with a full bodylight roast, and notes of dark chocolate and caramel.

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  • Jacquie - Team Armeno

    Hi K.W.,
    Fantastic, that’s so great to hear!

  • K. W.

    My husband Rick just tried Sumatra Mutu Batak and gave it a 9 rating.

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