Check Out What's New in 2019! - The Weekly Grind 2019

Happy 2019, everyone, and welcome back to the Weekly Grind! We're back into the swing of things here at Armeno, and the last of the orders placed while we were away were sent out this week, so keep an eye on the mail if you're still waiting on an order!

Check out what's new!

As you may have seen around the Holidays, we've introduced a few exciting new products in-store! Our blue interior Northborough Mugs, featuring a number of iconic Northborough sights, are a must see for our local Armeno fans. Also, for our wine lovers, check out our Armeno stemless wine glasses, only $4.95 each! Our Armeno T-shirts are restocked and back by popular demand. They are available in Mens sizes M through XXL (be aware, they run a little small) in Red, Green, Black, and Steel!

Reminder: Holiday Cheer Only Available Until Jan 31st!

Those who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, our Holiday Cheer, don't forget! This is a seasonal blend, and only available through the end of this month. After January 31st, we will not be roasting it again until this November. Also, keep in mind that Head Roaster John Parks always changes the recipe a bit from year to year, so this month is your last chance to get this specific 2018 batch before it's gone forever.

We can't stress this enough: if you want it, PLAN AHEAD!!! There are no guarantees that there will be any left in stock if you wait until the last day! 

(click here to order now, if you'd like)

Have questions for us?

Email us at, and keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram feeds to be notified of any new additions to our coffee roster, holiday hour changes, and upcoming events. Like what you see here on Behind the Beans? Hit the subscribe button to be notified of new posts every Monday!


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