Tanzania Peaberry

Tanzania Peaberry

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Only making up about 5% of a given crop, peaberry beans are a mutation that results in a rounded, infertile bean with a slightly full body than its flat bean counterpart. Armeno Coffee roaster, John Parks, describes the cup as very sweet with bright acidity, citrus and peach notes with a creamy body. He roasts the Tanzania Peaberry just into the second crack to highlight more of the sugars.

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Customer Reviews

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Karen R.
My First Coffee Love!

Oh, how do I love thee, Tanzanian Peaberry! Thou art so sweet, fragrant and smooth...I cannot but help to reach for you each morning.

Sally Whaley
Tanzanian Peaberry

Delicious, smooth coffee. We look forward each morning for it's aroma and taste!!!

Unbelievably good cup

I am just now discovering Armenian. This is the first coffee that I have purchased-I picked it up at a farm stand in the area. The first cup I made was perfect-balanced, fruity, with a long sweet finish. I get stone fruit and milk chocolate notes. I didn’t pick up on the citrus-that’s ok. I love a citrusy coffee as much as any coffee snob, but I don’t always need it. The last, cooled sip is almost like candy. There is a stunning amount of flavor and complexity here.

A great morning cuppa’

Yet another great roast from the fine folks at Armeno. If you are looking for a well balanced cup to start your day, give this a try. From entry to the long, sweet finish this Peaberry is a winner. With great aromatics, a medium body, and a perfect finish this is hard to beat.

micah King
Unique, aggressive and fascinating.

This is one the best coffees I've ever bought. Its so aggressively fragrant that the first time I put my nose to the bag it was almost unpleasant. There were just so many aromatic compounds it made my head spin. I would describe the scent of the fresh beans as sour and earthy, with funky molasses undertones. The brewed coffee is very fruity, but not overly subtle or tealike. I like my coffee strong, and even at a 6g to 100ml ratio this is. Juicy is my overwhelming impression, but that funky molasses also comes through in the flavor, almost fermented. Overall I recommend this to anyone who likes strong flavors.



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