Sumatra Takengon Fair Trade Decaf French Roast

Sumatra Takengon Fair Trade Decaf French Roast

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Our darkest roasted Fair Trade coffee, Sumatra Takengon, is made Decaf using the Swiss Water processing method, meaning the beans are decaffeinated without the use of chemicals! Coffee beans undergoing this process are closely monitored in small batches ensuring a pure flavored decaf.

What separates Sumatra Takengon from Sumatra Mandheling is where its farmed, in the district of Takengon around Lake Tawar in Indonesia. This area is Fair Trade certified, meaning our Sumatra Takengon coffee is sustainably farmed and processed in fair labor conditions. Sumatra Takengon FT French is roasted at a higher degree caramelizing the brown sugar notes, resulting in a syrupy cup of coffee that's low in a acidity with a flowery and earthy finish



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