Costa Rica La Minita

Costa Rica La Minita

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This excellent bean comes from Bill McAlpin's La Minita estate where a very small fraction of the year's harvest is hand selected and sold under the "La Minita" name. Very few single varietal coffees offer this balance of body and acidity with complexity of taste and smooth finish. We are proud to offer this extremely limited production coffee.

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Roger Slyk
Great flavor and bslsnce

This is my wife’s and my favorite morning coffee. Not heavy with caramel, chocolate etc and instead bright, smooth and balanced. Highly recommend.


Good job

Jim B
Really good but there are better options at Armenos

Wife and I are working our way through all of Armeno's coffees in search of our morning pot.
We've had Black and Tan, Mocha Java, Brazil Bourbon, Wachusett blend, House blend, Nicaragua San Juan, and La Minita.
This is a really good cup of coffee, but I found the Nicaragua San Juan to be incredibly similar and a little better.
If they were the same price, I'd it's probably close enough of a toss up, but at 20% more than San Juan (and even more than Mocha Java) I can't recommend it over those 2.

Brown Sugar Finish

It took time for me to figure out how to grind and brew this but now that I have it the way I like it, I noticed a delicious brown sugar finish. I am trying out all of the coffees and leaving a note to remind myself to come back to this one again!

One of the worlds great coffees

Simply put, La Minita is one of the best coffees produced year after year, decade after decade. Made with excruciating attention to every step of the process, Bill’s La Minita put Central American coffee on the map and is the gold standard by which others are judged. Just about as close as you’ll ever get to the perfect cup.



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