Brazil Bourbon Santos

Brazil Bourbon Santos

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Brazil produces approximately 30-35% of the world's coffee and this is considered the standard of the coffee industry. Santos coffees are grown in the state of Sao Paulo, with Bourbon Santos coffees coming from the original "Bourbon" strain of arabica plants brought in the 18th century from the island of Bourbon, now Reunion, in the Mozambique channel. It is a smooth, mellow coffee with lower acidity compared to other American coffees. Done to a Full City (light) roast. Expect a sweet and nutty undertone that blends well with other coffees.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Neil Minton
My go-to coffee

I've tried other roasts and varietals and keep coming back to this one. I love the light roast and subtle nutty flavor without the chocolate notes other darker roast tend to have. This has a nice clean finish and makes the perfect morning cup for me.

Pretty good

I thought this coffee was good, but not great.
I didn't get much of the sweet or nutty flavor.
Definitely more flavorful than black and tan, but not nearly as flavorful as Mocha Java or Wachusett blend.

It's a good lighter roast but i've found better coffees (at least for me) at Armenos

Favorite Cup

I’ve been dabbling with coffee roasts from all over (origin and roasters) for several years to locate my personal favorite. I’ve found it! I have a super automatic, and I find this roast makes the perfect morning cup and also works well in a latte or flat white.

Marc E.
Great taste

I am writing this as I am sipping a cup, and I'm kind of thinking that this may become one of my go to coffee's from Armeno.

The description is pretty much on point, I do find it incredibly smooth while flavorful with a nutty undertone. I also want to add that it has some hints of tobacco and chocolate. Delicious coffee as always Armeno!

liked it

For me to give a five star it has to be out of this world. four stars means very, very, good. Just the right hint of bourbon. coffee has a good first flavor. tends to not finish as strong as I would like to be five star but very good. I have ordered it more than once and it is on my re-order list.



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