Armeno's New Look! - The Weekly Grind 2018

Armeno's fresh new look!

As many of you that frequent the mill have noticed, we've spent some time this year sprucing up our retail space! We started the whole process in late February 2018, and now, seven months later, we're finally just about done. Here's a little before and after for your viewing pleasure.

Phase 1: Goodbye Carpet, Hello Hardwood!

This carpeting was already in place before Armeno became a coffee roaster, and in February, we finally decided to see what was underneath. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the original flooring was still in great shape; all we needed to do was refinish it. We love how the flooring allows the mill's character and history shine through. You can even see the trap doors in the floor that were used to store the raw grain before it moved through the mill to be processed!

Phase 2:  Spruce Up the Shelves

Before we ripped up the carpeting, we used to have our baker's racks pushed closer to the loading dock doors, with all of our back stock piled up on another set of shelves behind them. After we got rid of the carpeting, we started storing our back stock out of sight, and pushed the baker's racks all the way to the wall to really open up the space. We then moved our brew station from near the register to over by the windows, and got ready to eventually replace the baker's racks with custom-made shelving, done by Relic Designs! He did a phenomenal job with all three shelves, as well as the coffee bar and stools by the window.


Phase 3: Sit, Sip & Relax

This small seating area was the last piece of the puzzle for us, also created by Relic Designs. No, sorry, we're not adding food or free wifi, and yes, we'll still only be offering the same to-go options that we currently have available (one size hot coffee and, in the summer, one size cold brew). However, now if you'd like to take a moment to sip your sample and get off your feet for a few minutes while you're here, you have a place to do so!

We hope you enjoy our fresh new look! Come on by and see it for yourself!

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