Cup of the Month - September 2019

Cup of the Month - Tanzania Peaberry

This month we're featuring a staple on our coffee roster and a favorite among the Armeno crew: Tanzania Peaberry!

Though the exact estate can vary depending on availability, the green coffee we roast is most often sourced from the Mount Kilimanjaro area of northern Tanzania.

A common question people ask us about this coffee is what the word 'peaberry' means. Essentially, coffee beans are actually seeds, and as a coffee tree gets older, a genetic mutation can occur that causes a coffee cherry to only produce one, infertile coffee seed instead of two pressed flat against one another. This smaller, rounded, infertile bean is called a peaberry, and typically only makes up about 5% of any given coffee crop. In terms of flavor, this type of coffee bean tends to have a bit more body strength to it than its flat bean counterpart, as well as an added hint of sweetness.

Like many African coffees, Tanzania Peaberry has a medium body and pleasant acidity. Done to a light, full city roast, expect to taste notes of blackberry and a slightly sweet finish.

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