Cup of the Month - October 2019!

Cup of the Month - Witches Brew!

Happy spooky month everyone! In the spirit of Halloween, we've decided to feature this rich, dark & edgy brew again for the month of October.

Haven't heard of Witches Brew before? We only just re-introduced it last year as another fun, dark, french roasted option, and you all enjoyed it so much that it actually became a new staple of our blends shelf: Wicked Joe Blend!

Much like our Dark Roast Blend, Witches Brew also has one coffee from each of the main regions we source from (Central America, Africa & Indonesia), but with an additional Indonesian bean to add a little extra oomph. Expect rich complexity and notes of chocolate.

Sorry online friends, it is still an in-store item only for now, but we highly recommend dropping by this month and giving it a try!

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