Cup of the Month - October 2017

Cup of the Month: Timor Fair Trade

This Indonesian brew is certified organic as well as fair trade. That means every time you pour yourself a cup, you can feel good knowing that you're supporting Timorese farmers who care about their communities as well as our planet.

Hope & Resurgence

The East Timorese began a revival of their once famous coffee industry in the late 1990s after they declared their independence, and now the industry supports over a quarter of the country's population--that's around 44k families! 

Timor beans produced today come from the capable hands of small-scale farmers working plots of land that typically span less than a hectare, many of which came together to form a group called the Cooperative Cafe Timor (CCT). According to the CCT, "positive results from these collective efforts are already being seen in the countryside...and coffee premiums have also helped Café Timor set up a network of eight fully operational clinics and 24 mobile clinics, making them the largest provider of rural health care in the country!"

Internationally certified organic, this coffee is grown without chemicals, and with quality, community, and the environment in mind!

How's it taste?

For those that love Indonesian beans, this brew has that characteristic low acidity that the region is known for, making it delectably smooth. Head Roaster John Parks also describes the Timor as having a slightly milder body than a Sumatran, with a sweetnutty finish.



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