Cup of the Month - November 2017

Cup of the Month - El Salvador Finca Piemonte Millenium

The El Salvador Finca Piemonte Millenium beans are grown with pride on a group of Rainforest Certified farms that have been owned for over 100 years by the Magaña-Menendez family and their descendants. Though the family owns a total of 9 lots that span 880 hectares in all, these beans are particularly special because they are harvested from a micro lot (see: a small section or 'sweet spot' of land on a farm that produces an especially stellar crop that then gets separated out to be sold on its own, rather than getting mixed in with the rest of the harvest), so you're drinking the best of the best! 

It offers some lovely fruity notes of cherry and orange, as well as caramel.

If you're looking for a coffee that is not only dedicated to the quality of its beans, but their practices toward sustainability and the environment, then this new addition to our shelves is a must-try!



  • Jacquie - Armeno Team

    Hi Rafael! You can always navigate our products by using the drop-down “Coffee” menu at the top of the page. The El Salvador is under the “Americas” tab, and all products there are listed alphabetically. This link should bring you right to the correct page:

  • RAfael A. HErnandez

    How do I go about getting some of that coffee from El Salvador? How much per pound?

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