Cup of the Month - March 2018

Cup of the Month - Haitian Blue

Being able to provide beans that are not only top quality, but also in line with fair trade and direct trade values, is something we take pride in here at Armeno. This month's featured coffee, the Haitian Blue from Cafe Kreyol, is a great example of one such direct trade coffee.

Haiti actually used to be an enormous contributor to the coffee market, with over half the world’s beans coming out of the country back in the ‘60s. With all the natural disasters, deforestation, and other challenges that have faced the country in more recent years, that percentage has significantly decreased, however it’s certainly not forgotten! Our Haitian beans come from the folks at Cafe Kreyol, who are highly committed to Haitian farmers and the country’s local economy.

In their own words, from this blog post that discusses their outlook on ensuring a sustainable future, “Our philosophy is that giving a donation is fleeting and can indeed be harmful to a culture when it is done on a large scale for extended periods of time...This is why we have chosen to form a partnership with Coopacvod, the oldest cooperative in Haiti. Together, we came up with the idea to contract 100% of the work to local Haitian adults who belong to the cooperative, which benefits the group in many ways. Jobs are provided to those who will be contracted to work at the nursery. They will be gaining knowledge that they can then take and replicate on their own, which the cooperative will be encouraging them to do. Jobs are provided to the farmers who receive the fruit producing plants and they will be given membership to the cooperative giving them access to extensive agricultural knowledge and mentoring as well as a guaranteed way to sell 100% of the beans they produce.”

Done to a light, full-city roast, our Haitian Blue offers a smooth, clean cup with a sweet, mellow finish. Great for fans of Jamaica Blue or any of our other island coffees!

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