Cup of the Month - June 2018

Cup of the Month - Papua New Guinea

This month's brew originates in Papua New Guinea's Waghi valley, an area rich with agricultural activity, culture, and history. The prime example of this is the valley's Kuk Swamp, a UNESCO World Heritage site recognized as one of the locations where people independently developed agriculture for the first time! It is a legacy that continues to this day, with the valley remaining one of the country's main agricultural hubs.

In their unroasted form, our high quality Papua New Guinea beans are blue-green in hue and of very uniform size. They are cultivated by the Tsekaka clan of the Highlands Plantation, a group of shareholders who have been committed to their craft for over forty years! The result is a full-bodiecoffee without the earthiness of some Indonesian coffees.

We roast Papua New Guinea to a medium full city which is a light chestnut brown color and lighter than we roast other Indonesian coffees because the coffee is so clean and well balanced. Expect subtle notes of honey and vanilla.


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