Cup of the Month - January 2020

Cup of the Month - Dominican Republic Red Honey Process 

This luxurious island coffee is the perfect brew to start this new decade right!

The Dominican Republic Red Honey Process is grown on the Ramirez Estate in the Jarabacoa region of the Dominican Republic. Family owned and highly socially conscious, the Ramirez Estate actually "uses fermented coffee cherries to create natural gas, which powers their operation," according to our friends over at Cafe Kreyol, and are highly committed to their workers and community, often donating books and computers to their local schools, and paying their employees "roughly 300 percent higher wages" than the minimum Fair Trade standard.

In terms of flavor, this single estate bean offers a delightfully silky and mildly sweet cup. This is thanks in part to the beans undergoing a honey process, which involves leaving part of the coffee cherry on the coffee seed as it dries. The length of time that the coffee is dried this way, as well as the amount of exposure to sunlight, will result in the dried coffee cherries having a different outward appearance (white, yellow, red, black, etc), and this end color is what the honey process is then named for (in this case red).

Expect a smooth finish from the bean's low acidity, as well as notes of strawberry and vanilla.

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