Cup of the Month - February

Cup of the Month - Burundi A Ngozi

This East African bean is sourced from northern Burundi, in the Ngozi province, and processed at the Rimero Washing station, which, according to Royal Coffee NY, "manages the processing for over 1,700 farmers and 500,000 coffee trees!"

You are probably used to us focusing on how the country of origin affects the flavor profile of the bean when we walk you through our coffee selection at Armeno, but the next step after harvesting (processing) is important too! Coffee is processed on a scale from dry (or unwashed) to wet (or washed), with 'dry' being the classic, traditional way that goes back to the earliest days of coffee production, and 'wet' being a relatively newer method that is often considered to produce some of the world's highest quality coffees. The washed method requires a skilled touch, and is great for those who love a clean, bright acidity in their coffee.

Done to our light, full city roast level, the Burundi offers a medium body and sharpfruity finish. Expect notes of grapefruit, rhubarb, and peach. Perfect for fans of our Kenyan coffees!


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