Local Armeno folks, good news!
For those of you wondering about Gov. Baker's announcement this morning, we do fall under the essential business category and will continue filling orders. However, we are still closed to the public and filling online orders only.
Also, starting today (Monday, March 23rd) we have created a coupon code for our LOCAL customers who would prefer to make the trip to the mill to pick up their coffee from a designated area right outside the front of the building, rather than having it shipped.
Again, locals only (as in anyone willing to make the drive over here): use the coupon code PICKUP when placing an order online & input your phone number in the notes so we can let you know when your order is ready to be picked up. (Edit 4/3: check your spam folder! Many people have been reporting that our emails letting people know their order is ready have not been reaching them, therefore going forward, phone numbers are preferable to email at this time).
As for everyone else, in order to try to better meet your coffee needs in this difficult time, we are lowering our free shipping minimum to all orders of $29 or more.
We appreciate your patience with regards to any delays in delivery times, there has been an influx of orders and we are filling them as quickly as we can!
We will continue to update you as things develop, but as of today we are still here and filling orders. Keep an eye on your email and our Facebook and Instagram feeds. Stay safe & healthy out there!
Your Armeno Crew


  • Joan Dahl

    So relieved that you are still able to stay open! We’re going through more beans than ever with 2/3 in our household working from home. Stay safe and healthy from Utah!

  • Jen Martin

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for being “open.” You are, without a doubt, essential to so many of us!!

  • Kim Haugli

    Thank goodness you’re “open!” I don’t know what I’d do without my Armeno Coffee Roasters! Stay safe and healthy. :) See you again someday!

  • Kelly

    Thank you so much for the pickup option! I placed an order yesterday morning but have not yet received any update. How long do these little orders take to process? I’m super antsy to drop by and grab it!! (:

  • Michael Giedrys

    Love you guys! Stay safe.

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