Cup of the Month - September 2017

Cup of the Month: Costa Rica Peaberry

It’s been quite a long time since we last had this American coffee on our shelves, but now it’s back in stock and ready for you to take home!

What’s a Peaberry?

Only accounting for about 5 percent of a coffee bean crop, these small, rounded beans are formed thanks to a mutation that causes a coffee cherry to produce only one bean instead of two. Peaberry beans are are often a bit more robust and flavorful than their regular counterparts.

How’s it taste?

The Tarrazu region of Costa Rica is well known for its quality coffee thanks to the incredible fertility of the region's volcanic soil. That quality particularly shines in this well balanced brew, which you’ll find to have a fuller body than our Costa Rica Tres Rios, with notes of citrus and a fruity finish.



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